January 02, 2017: Publications at the Internet Archive

Atlas for Higher Educational Institutions, Edition B

This collection of information maps provides you with facts about the German Reich. It is based on an original atlas from 1913. All documents were scanned with 300 dpi and are therefore also suitable for prepress preparation. All maps of the atlases presented here were produced before 1915 and are now copyright-free. All reproductions are also copyright-free and can be used 100 % free of charge for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

GEI digital also keeps this book (title page, complete PDF file top right), the resolution there is 100 dpi.

June 27, 2016: Basic Mathematics

Proof of the Irrationality of the Square Root of 2“, extended with exercises with solutions, 12 resp. 15 pages.

English versions: A4, A4-dup­lex, US-Let­ter, US-Let­ter-dup­lex.

German versions: A4, A4-dup­lex, US-Let­ter, US-Let­ter-dup­lex.

June 01, 2016: Modern Operating Systems for Old Computers

Free Software strengthens the the Independence of the individual and the nation. Its per­ma­nent free avail­a­bil­i­ty and its adapt­a­bil­i­ty sup­port the broad education and can turn an old com­put­er in­to an effective production system. Learn more about the essential aspects.

May 28, 2011: Our Roses (allotment)

Unsere Rosen im Sommer 2011

Our roses, three images (880 times 660), 700 times 660.

January 01, 2011: New OpenPGP key

OpenPGP key for the first quarter of 2011, related information in the imprint.


December 31, 2010

All the best for 2011!

December 24, 2010

Happy Yule! Merry Christmas!

December 12, 2010: Reproduction Atlas 1913, part elements publicized

Publication of “Europe Political 1913” and “Europa Physical 1913”, in the Texts section.

November 13, 2010: Reopening Tram Line 2 / Oldtimer

At Freiburg, 13.11.2010: Eröffnung Straßenbahnlinie 2 / Oldtimer.

Open air cinema “Freiburg – Station Okenstraße”
Reopening of the tram line 2, on November 13th, 2010
Theme: “The ladder man”

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